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Team Canada Ends Philly's Hope for a Four-Peat

Year number 5 for the City of Origin Tournament (COO5) was even bigger than ever with sponsorships by DC Street Hockey, HockeyNinja.com (Skaggs), USA Ball Hockey, Nicecream Factory in Clarendon, Acura TLX, Nando's Peri Peri, RBC Wealth Management and The Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy. We'd like to especially thank Derek Skaggs for providing all of the MVP shirts for each game of the tourney as well as taking some pics throughout the day. If you need sticks, shin guards, tape, etc Derek is your guy for discounted merchandise.

The day got off to an early start with a small rink drying crew arriving at the rink around 6:00AM to get the Seminary rink playable by drying the rink off, heating up ice (odd in itself) with a heat gun to towel off the water, etc to get games playable. We were able to get started only a little over 30 minutes behind thanks to the hard work of some die hard DCSH players who sacrificed sleep to make sure we would be able to get COO5 in on this dry Saturday. The first game was between NY/NJ What Exit? and DC Trzeciak with DCT getting the 3-1(EN) victory to start the day off. The divisions were as follows A) Canada, Pittsburgh, NY/NJ What Exit? and DC Trzeciak and B) Philly, Midwest, Bufton Sabruins (Buffalo/Boston) and DC Popkin.

After 2 prelim games each team Canada needed a win in their last game against NYNJ to move onto the playoffs again for the 5th straight year and they did just that with a 3-1 victory. The next game featured Pittsburgh vs. DCT with the winner moving onto the playoffs. The game was very defensive and Jake Denne scored the lone goal to move his team onto the next round. Three time defending champs/team Philly was on the ropes and needed quite a bit of help to make the playoffs and that started off with a game against DCP. DCP was up 3-1 late before Jerry Green took over for team Philly by scoring with 3 minutes left as well as 30 seconds left with the goalie pulled to gain an important 5 points to keep alive their slim chances of advancing. Team Midwest came into the their last game on a high from defeating team Philly 4-3 in the most entertaining game of the day as both teams pulled their goalies in the game that the MW won with just 2 seconds remaining. MW just need a win or tie against the winless Bufton Sabruins to move onto the playoffs for the first time in COO history. BS weren't having any of it though as they were playing hard for pride as well as to ruin the MW's tourney and BS's scored 2 goals in the 2nd and another in the 3rd to win 3-0 and send the MW to another early B-Rob run tailgate. vAfter all of the dust settled the match ups were Canada vs. DC Popkin as well as Philly vs. Pittsburgh.

COO is always trying to change up the non game time activities and this year was no different as we replaced the breakaway competition with an all women's scrimmage between 22 local female players. The players had uniforms and 10 out players for each and both teams had numerous tourney players from the Stanley Cupcakes and a few Shot Blocks. The game was a little lopsided scoring wise so next year a draft may take place to balance the teams out more instead of placing friends, groups, etc. together. Either way the game was a huge success and showcased the women's skills and how the players have grown over the past few years. With some help and hard work we may one day get the women's only league that will help the players develop even more.

Back to the game action with the semifinals between Team Canada and DC Popkin (picked up Joe Giovia, Sam Keeler and Tony Trzeciak from DCT) in the first game. TC's Raj Sidhu started the scoring in the 1st for a 1-0 lead after one. Edwin Lee from TC scored in the 2nd to make the lead 2-0 after two periods. DCP's Sam Keeler scored on a pass from John Byrd to tighten the game up and give his team a chance but TC's Dave Leadston iced the game with an empty netter to send TC to the finals for the first time since COO1 with a 3-1 victory. The other game featured rivals Team Philly vs. Team Pittsburgh in what was sure to be a epic battle. Philly's Danny Douglass scored early on in the game on an assist from Jeff Dunn(er) to give them a 1-0 lead after one. Evan Newkirk doubled his team's lead with a rocket of a shot in the 2nd and the lead stood going to the 3rd. Pitt couldn't get their offense in gear as Philly was playing tight neutral zone D and locked down on their stars to finish off a 2-0 victory to go back to the finals for the 4th straight year and brought out all of the Philly haters in full effect for the playoffs.

The Championship Game featured COO rivals (meeting for the 4th straight year in the playoffs) Team Canada vs. Team Philadelphia in what was sure to be a skilled game. Before the game DCSH's own Sam Keeler did an absolutely ridiculously amazing rendition of both anthems that can be found on the DCSH Facebook page to get both teams and the remaining fans/tailgaters ramped up for the game. Philly's Jerry Green gave his team the early 1-0 lead on an assist from Danny Douglass and the only goal of the opening period. Both teams were turned away all of the 2nd period by goaltenders Mike Makowsky and Scott MacQuarrie and even late into the 3rd before Dave Leadston scored with 5 minutes left to tie game at one and give his time much needed life and momentum. With just 2 minutes left team Philly had a bad line change and Canada took advantage as Nantel Suzuki had a shot from the slot deflect off of a Philly stick and past Makowsky short side to give his team a huge 2-1 lead. Philly was still stunned from the last few minutes and Canada scored again (video review from Jeff Dorman shows the ball didn't go in but it was a bang bang play so a tough call) on a goal from Holman to ice the victory 3-1, knock off a Philly team that beat Canada 2-1 the 3 previous COO semifinals and give his team a well deserved 2nd COO title to go with the one from 2010 in the inaugural tourney. Labatts and Maple Crown were flowing for everyone! Congrats to playoff MVP Dave Leadston (3 points), MVG Scott MacQuarrie (2-0 1.00 GAA) and MVF Jerry Green.

Thanks again to all of our captains, refs (Dez and Norm were life savers), sponsors, Jason Sticha who took the mic to announce and DJ all day, volunteers who helped dry the rink off, clean up trash during the day and especially afterwards when minimal people want to, on the mic, taking pics, etc. as well as Bob Heintz and Marshall Popkin for all of their help making COO5 even bigger and better. I know that I personally can't wait for COO6 so please email me with any ideas on how to improve or grow this greatest day of the year

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