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NHL Team/City of Origins Tournament 2011

It's time for our 2nd annual NHL Team/City of Origin Tourney! This is a chance for everyone to put up or shut up and to walk around the rink with bragging rights. This will be a 4-8 team Seminary tournament based on individuals favorite NHL Team and/or your City of Origin (where you were born/raised). Details and more info are below but click on the following link to sign up ASAP as we are kicking this off very soon:

Register: http://dcstreethockey.com/Registration/SignUp/21

If players aren't registered they WILL NOT be placed on a team. Only players that play at Seminary or Barcroft are eligible to play. Players that use to play at Seminary are eligible but we want to keep this as a local tournament so random players will be removed from rosters if they somehow sign up. 

Where: Seminary Rink
When: Saturday, September 24th (Rainout Date is Saturday, October 15th)
Time: TBD but more than likely looking at starting around 8am and ending between 6-9PM
Team registration fee should be anywhere from $450- $500 per team

All details are dependent on how many teams we get, but we are looking at 2 or 3 preliminary games and a single elimination for the playofs. There will be 3 periods with most likely 12-13 minutes in each with the last 1 minute of each stopped time. Again, everything will depend on the number of teams we have. 

When signing up you will notice a drop down menu with options for a handful of cities to choose from and Canada. Choose the option in which your NHL team is located. The second option is for where you were born/raised. We are doing it with 2 options in case we have to move people around a little to make sure every team has enough players and to make it competitive. We have a committee who will be making final decisions on where to place people and we will name a coach/captain for each team. Some areas may have 2 teams and the plan is to have captains draft at that point.

We have NOT announced captains and the only cities/teams that we know of now are Canada, Pittsburgh, DC and Philly with hopefully a Northeast (Buffalo, Boston, NY, etc) and  if need be an other with players from different areas not listed. This tournament is competitive BUT is primarily set up for fun and bragging rights so all teams and players must be approved by the tournament committee as we don't want players just playing on teams because they lived in a certain city for a year or two.  

The goalie situation is our hardest to determine at the moment but once we get our amount of teams and goalies set we will figure out what works best. Just because goalies were  on a certain team doesn't mean they will be on that team again. We have discussed letting a team such as DC protect one goalie or having a draft based on roster strength or even on last year's standings. Please understand and work with us in this regard as we will try to do what's best for everyone involved and keep all teams balanced. 

Feel free to set up areas at the rink for your city/team with paraphernalia, beer, food, etc and we are looking into awards for teams with the best areas.  We are working on trying to get some media out to the rink that day so if you haven any contacts please let us know. Please feel free to bring food to grill out with as well in between games or after. It should be a great day for hockey and a lot of fun. 

If anyone has any question, please feel free to contact the following individuals:

Wayne Barrett

Eddie DeSabetino
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