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Draft Season 15 playoffs started off with a matchup between Trailer Park Boys and Pants On The Ground. POTG got off to a quick start on a goal by Desab which was matched by a goal from G. Florkowski for a 1-1 score after 1. Adukaitis and Desab scored in the 2nd period to take control of this game which ended 3-1. In the best game of the 1st round, Soft as Charmin matched up with 1st place Crosby Likes Dudes. Quiche got a PPG for CLD's and then Genest scored for a 2-0 lead. B-Rob got SAC on the board with a 4 on 4 goal. Once again the PP worked for CLD's as Genest lit the lamp for a 3-1 lead. O'Keefe scored to make it 3-2 and SAC brought on a strong finish but couldn't get the equalizer in the 3-2 final. In the blowout of the 1st round, Kiss My Hiney took it to Mishalp Yo Momma, who were missing a few of their top guns, in a 4-0 victory. Evans led the way with 2 G's and an A, Hines had a G and an A and Shea had the other goal. In the last game of the night Lots of Upside played their typical Devils style trap that Wheelhouse wasn't able to figure out in a 2-0 victory. Both goals were scored by captain Wilson and French shut the door in net.

In the 2nd round CLD's squared off with LOU in a game of an offensive minded squad vs a defensive minded one. The game went back and forth with a few scoring chances here and there in the heat but goaltenders French and Ward kept things scoreless going into the 3rd. CLD's Dunner showed up halfway through the 3rd and caused some havoc with fresh legs and forecheck. The forecheck finally caused a turnover in the LOU end and Genest capitalized with the only goal of the game with around 7 minutes left with a rocket into the upper corner. CLD's made it hold up and they went onto the finals with a 1-0 victory. The 2nd semi final game pitted POTG vs. KMH and POTG opened the scoring with a goal by Raby for a 1-0 which was matched on goal by Fitz for a 1-1 score after 1. POTG owned the 2nd period of yet another game with late goals from Phillips and Merrick for a 3-1 lead after 2. The lead held and the score stayed the same for a trip to the finals with a 3-1 victory.

The finals were a matchup of CLD's vs. POTG in 95 degree heat. The game was tilted in POTG favor for most of the 1st period with keeper Ward keeping his team tied with many quality saves. The game turned in the 2nd period in favor of CLD's but neither team was able to break through even tho CLD's had a lengthy 5 on 3 PP. The game finally had a breakthrough in the 3rd when a shot from McIlwain came back out to Howdy who buried the shot from a minimal angle to give his team the lead they needed. POTG had a few more quality chances late in the 3rd but could never figure out Ward and find the back of the net. The whistle finally blew and the team labeled the preseason favorites pulled through and won the league and Cup. Drew Kudrick wins a Cup in his 1st time captaining a team so now maybe others will jump on board and captain. Kudrick would like to send a special thanks out to his behind the scenes GM.

Congrats to playoff MVP Marc Genest from CLD's. George Ward from CLD's was voted MVG of the playoffs and Chris Adukatis nudged Desab for POTG's MVP in the playoffs. Congrats to the regular season MVP's as well which were Marc Genest again with 13 G's and 16 PTS, even tho he missed 3 games, to nudge out the Commish by a point. Rich Wagner led all dman with an unprecedented 9 goals and 12 pts. from the back line. For the keepers, George Ward and George Kunin from TPB's led the league with 6 wins and Michael Bender led the league with a 1.56 regular season GAA. Thanks again to the 8 captains that make this league work so well and good luck to everyone in season 16 set to start this WED night.

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